Vampire Holmes Theme Song to Be by Nami Tamaki

vampire holmes anime

The new Vampire Holmes anime is an adaptation of Cucuri’s escape game for mobile devices. The main character is, of course, a vampire named Holmes.

Seems like the add adaptation game has begun after Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis’ successful run!

Just today, the official website for the Japanese musician Nami Tamaki announced that she will be performing the main theme song of the upcoming show.

The song’s title is “Everlasting Love” and is written and composed by the original game creator Yoshinobu Sena.

The Vampire Holmes anime adaptation will begin this April. I am expecting the cast and staff to be announced until the end of February.

Source: Official anime website & Nami Tamaki website

Do you think that the Vampire Holmes anime will still be a better vampire movie than Twilight?

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