Josei Magazine COMIC it Speaks to the Fans

Good Night, I Love You by John Tarachine
Good Night, I Love You by John Tarachine

In a special article about the brand-new josei  magazine COMIC it, Kadokawa staff members talked with the Comic Natalie squad about the very essence of the mag and how it relates to all women interested in the josei genre. The first issue came out on the notable St. Valentine’s date – 14th February.

See below for all the most important from the article, but in English!

As you already know, with the many magazine shutting their doors in the past couple of years, a number of open slots were left within the hearts and schedules of the readers. One such spot was the josei field where the mangaka as well as the readers had little to no opportunities for a good manga haven.

COMIC it will be that haven for them and here is why:

Senjou no Inu by Moto Sumida

There is something for everyone in it. It is easy to divide the josei otaku in four different categories and the publishers are looking forward to fulfilling the needs of each of them.

Currently, we have the kizuna-type readers who are interested in vivid stories with a strong background and a lot of historical interference. For them, the magazine has Good Night, I Love You and Hisohiso -Silent Voice-.

Doujin Katsudou, Hajimemashita?! by Akira Nakajyou

Those of you, who are rather fond of the motherly and sisterly stories, there are Shounen-ojou and Doujin Katsudou, Hajimemashita?! After all, no one can change a man’s life better than a parent and no one can protect a girl better than her brother, right?

The third type, but definitely not less important than any other, are the trusty bishounen-lovers – the fujioushi. For these ladies, there are the stories Double Red Line and Senjou no Inu.

Ogeha by oimo

The fourth type of readers, directly addressed by the genres in the issue are those interested in the various Japanese subcultures. They will find Saraba, Yoki Hi and Ageha to match their tastes the most.

COMIC it was revealed in November last year.

Source: Comic Natalie & COMIC it

Where do you think you or your josei-loving friends would fit?

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