One Piece Treasure Cruise Mobile Game Revealed (Video)

One Piece Treasure CruiseThe latest in One Piece – One Piece Treasure Cruise mobile game – will be available for UK mobile gamers. Both iOS and Android will be able to handle the game which will also be dubbed entirely in English. This is the new Bandai Games project which was released in Japan on 12th May, 2014 and had quite a success in Luffy’s native country.

An announcement advertisement video was also released online, and you can watch it below!

The game focuses on character development and fights. Each player has the right to develop and grow six separate crews, each made out of six characters. The individual character grows with the advancement of the player in the arcs. Speaking of arcs, the game covers everything that Eiichiro Oda has written between the very beginning of One Piece in Luffy’s already distant island until the Dressrosa arc.

Source: One Piece Treasure Cruise official website via Bandai

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