K Anime Season 2 Finally Here! (Video)

k anime season 2GoRA and GoHands return for the new K anime season 2 which will be directed and whose character design will be by Shingo Suzuki. The show will premiere in the fall anime season 2015 and it seems like we will be focusing a lot on the Blue clan and their Blue King. What am I talking about? The new announcement video, of course.

Watch the preview video below!

One of the quotes released by the franchise is “Each of these bonds are…”

K anime season 1 aired in 2012 and quickly became the favourite of the otaku world. With its unique animation styles and angela’s music, it made a path for a different kind of anime-making. After it, Coppelion turned the same pages, made by the same team. Now, three years after original series and a sequel movie later, the show will be back with more story to uncover and more bishounen to fight.

K anime season 2 is expected to show more of the other kings and to enlighten even further the fans about the pasts of the main characters.

Source: GoRA project

Unlike the previous similar announcement made on The Shinigami List, this will in fact be a whole new TV anime season and not a movie. Stay tuned for more news about the coloured kings and the future of the colourless one.

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  1. I thought the movie will be it, so I am surprised and very happy! Too bad they will not continue the story but rather make a flashback…

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