Sailor Moon’s Black Moon Team Revealed (Video)

black moon clan salior moonThe Black Moon team has been revealed. See below to discover who will be in it and how they might change the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal story. The anime has been running since 5th July, 2014, every first and third Saturday of the month.

See below the character profiles of the Black Moon clan and a short trailer for the upcoming episodes.

Gun-wielding and a very chibi pink-haired character grab the attention, but what really matters is the key around that same girl’s neck. A new battle is coming for the beautiful guardians.

The new Black Moon clan characters are as follows: White-haired Prince Demande (Mamoru Miyano) is looking for the Silver Crystal and the famous Sailor Moon herself. Purple is the colour of Saphir (Tsubasa Yonaga) who is an alchemist and Demande’s younger brother. He does not fully support his brother’s actions. The pink-haired male is Rubeus (Hiroki Takahashi). He works for Demande and uses his leadership skills to make his followers bring Sailor Moon to the Prince. Esmeralde (Houko Kuwashima) is the only female in the group and she is very attached to Demande.

Expect to see them starting the Black Moon arc in the show – episode 15 which is airing on 7th February.

sailor moon black moon clan

Source: Official Sailor Moon website

Do you think one of these black characters may become a new favourite of the crowds?

4 thoughts on “Sailor Moon’s Black Moon Team Revealed (Video)

  1. Demande and Esmeralde sure are lookers :) I am afraid I am not sure I will be as fascinated as I was, when I was a little girl. The Sailor Moon-focused romance comes a bit too vivid…

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