Taboo-Tattoo Anime to Launch in 2015

taboot tattooThe original manga Taboo-Tattoo by Shinjurou will receive an anime adaptation and it will air this year. This was announced earlier today by the French publisher of the story Doki-Doki. More information will be released later; the publisher hinted that it is already available, but will be kept hidden until the time is ripe.

Here is what the original post by Doki-Doki said:

La couverture de Taboo Tattoo 9 est l’occasion de vous annoncer une bonne nouvelle : le manga va être adapté en animé ! Diffusion dans le courant de l’année au Japon.
(si vous saviez toutes les infos géniales qu’on doit se retenir de vous communiquer tant que ce n’est pas officiel)

The story of Tabboo-Tattoo focuses on the life and adventures of middle school student Seigi. He is what many would call the good samaritan type and helps the weak against bullies of all ages and size. He is trained in the matrial arts and this gives him an extra jump when in a fight. One day, a homeless old person e defended gifted him with a hand tattoo. This tattoo will change his life forever.
Another wielder of the strange weapon-tattoo begins to hunt him in order to restrieve his one and probably combine it with hers. With her training and his earthly martial arts abilities, the fight might seem more than hard for the boy… But a good ability will save him, if he only manages to activate it on time.
Source: Doki-Doki

Have you read the manga and do you think it will be the season’s top anime if adapted appropriately?

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