Nazo no Kanojo X’s Riichi Ueshiba Writes a Kiseijuu One-Shot Manga

good!アフタヌーンThe mangaka of Nazo no Kanojo X (Mysterious Girlfiend X) Riichi Ueshiba will be creating a Kiseijuu one-short manga story. “Miigi no Tabi” (Or Miigi’s Journey) will focus on the main Parasyte in the Kiseijuu world and will be the next monthly story in the Kiseijuu universe written by a different author than the original creator Hitoshi Iwaaki.

The Kiseijuu one-shot manga series already received instalments from Akira Hiramoto, MakiMaki and Maki Ronno.

All of them are closely related to the currently airing Kiseijuu anime TV series which revolves around a boy whose alien parasite, unlike all other invaders, couldn’t enter into his brains. Instead, it took over his brain. For more information about this show try reading the Kiseijuu anime preview.

Source: Afternoon Magazine

Do you think they can really pull off a Dr. Who on Kiseijuu? After all, separate authors doing different projects based on a single one may as well be the Dr.’s trademark.

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