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narutoAfter the end of the Naruto manga by Masashi Kishimoto, many fans of the franchise asked for more, for new stories and for additional information on all that just couldn’t be shown in the canon manga series by the renowned Japanes mangaka. Well, there will be six separate novels which will be based in the Naruto universe. Author of the titles will be Akira Higashiyama.

For all the information on the six upcoming epilogue novels, read further in the post.

Warning: Spoilers

Akira Higashiyama may sound familiar to you, if you are involved in the Naruto universe. He worked as a screenwriter for the Naruto Sippuuden: Blood Prison movie. He was also the author of the written adaptation of the story.

Apart from these projects, he wrote also the story for Terraformars: Lost Mission.

All six epilogue novels will cover the story after the great ninja war. All titles consist of the name of the main character covered in the novel and the word “Hiden” translated as mythical, secret legend.

Kakashi Hiden – to be released in Japan on 4th February 2015

Kakashi, the sixth Hokage. Despite being honoured in this position, melancholy is slowly taking over him once more. Also, a ghost of the past comes into the quiet and calm ninja world as an enemy appears amidst peace.

Shikamaru Hiden – to be released in Japan on 4th March 2015

After the war, Shikamaru is already the head of the Nara clan. As such, he needs to not only be stronger and learn, but also regain some of his late father’s responsibilities. Fighting with the strongest genjutsu user in the ninja world, he will prove his strength and ability.

Akatsuki Hiden – to be released in Japan in April 2015

Discover the truth about the Akatsuki. Deidara, Kisame, Kakuzu and Hidan will be unravelled from the past and their stories told. Before your very eyes, you will be able to read about the lives of those, whom many thought unworthy… But even more knew to be great.

Gaara Hiden – to be released in Japan in June 2015

How much has the sand Kage learnt about love and relationships? Who will change his world and will he manage to overcome all the stress and shock suffered through the Great Ninja War?

Sakura Hiden – to be released in Japan in July 2015

Sakura’s feelings were never unknown or strange, but the epilogue chapter of the Naruto manga left many things untold and many emotions unfelt. After the Great Ninja War, Sakura kept on believing and loving, cherishing the good over the bad. Revealed here will be what exactly has she suffered through to achieve the peace and quiet life as a ninja master, wife and a mother.

Konohagakure Hiden – to be released in Japan in August 2015

Unlike many, Konoha is a world of its own. With the great numbers of the ninja army hidden in the leaves, it is not possible to leave Naruto without seeing what happened to everyone from Shino to Kiba to Rock Lee and many more. A farewell to everyone is a farewell deserved.

Source: Naruto epilogue novels by Higashiyama

Do you think there is need of so much additional content after the manga’s end?

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