Vagabond Manga Returns on 29th January

The very popular Vagabond manga by Takehiko Inoue went on an undisclosed hiatus last year, after the mangaka experiences severe health issues. The samurai title will however be returning with a new chapter in the 29th January issue of the Morning magazine (by Kodansha).

Let me remind you that the manga went on hiatus in February 2014 and was supposed to come back in the summer of the same year. However, this never happened. Now, almost an entire year later, we will be able to read what happens to the characters in chapter 323.

Don’t know what the fuss is all about? Vagabond is the internationally acknowledged retelling of the story of Japan’s most prominent samurai Miyamoto Musashi. It is based on the same man on whom is focused the classic Japanese movie trilogy Samurai (released in the middle of the past century).

Source: Twitter

Are you still as excited about the new chapter as you were last year?

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