Houkago no Pleiades Anime Previewed (Video)

Houkago no PleiadesHoukago no Pleiades is a collaboration between studio GAINAX and Subaru, the Japanese car manufacturer. The show will air starting spring anime season 2015 and will be shown on Tokyo MX, ABC BS Fuji, Tochigi TV and Gunma TV. One interesting fact about the show is that all automobile-like sounds come from real-life Subaru cars.

The Houkago no Pleiades story follows Subaru, a young charming girl. One day, Subaru discovers her best friend Aoi is a part of a very important mahou shoujo club. In fact, they use special powers to discover lost engine elements and return them to their place. This way, a cute little fellow, whose natural place is with the Pleiades, can return home.

Source: YouTube & Official Houkago no Pleiades website

Do you think this advertsimenet-anime will work and expand the Subaru fans?

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