Five Mobile Games All Otaku Must Try!

You definitely have a mobile device and I am certain you play at least one game on it. In case you are looking for mobile games that will bring the anime back to your world, even while not able to watch your favourite shows, here is a list of five great games that can do the trick for you. Naturally, these are all games I personally consider interesting and related to shows… how can a mobile game that is not entirely based upon a manga or an anime (or be the source material for one) be related to them?

Check out below!

mobile games machinariumThe world of machines, robots and mecha is one of the main topics in anime. Steamboy and Fullmetal Alchemist are just two of the big titles in the genre. Having created a steady interest in the steampunk world and ambiance, they are also what turned many otaku into what they are.

If you cannot easily find a cool machine-based, steampunk-word mobile game, this is your place!

Mobile gaming is all about enjoyment and accessibility. I hope this Steamboy-ish world is what you’re looking for!


mobile games hack and slashDevil May Cry, Final Fantasy even Bleach – they all have something in common – hack and slash. Eternally famous, eternally enjoyable, this genre is the action-of-choice for many otaku who like games. But where should you go when in the subway or travelling in the train between cities? Surely, using up your laptop’s entire battery for a bit of gameplay is not worth it…

If you are desperate and think there is no real hack and slash on mobile, think again!


mobile games casinoOne Piece had its Crocodile and the Rain Dinners, Fairy Tail – the Akane Resort and we have Rio: Rainbow Gate!’s… well, the whole anime! These are so many casinos in the animated otaku world that it’s quite odd we don’t see more casino-inspired AMVs! The best thing is, this is one of the things, you will find in abundance online as well as offline. But what about mobile?

Well… Of course, you can also play at a mobile casino. How great is that? It’s certainly cool that casinos are all over the place… but how about the bullies, the dangerous folk? To tell you the truth, mobile casino games don’t have Crocodile ruling them, so you’re more than safe playing them, just make sure you know what you’re doing.


mobile games vampire romanceOne of the all-time favourite romantic stories in the history of shoujo is, without any doubt, Vampire Knight. We have Twilight’s school story, but without the stupid re-taking of years and diplomas, we have amazingly cool bishounen vampires, drama, romance and forbidden love. Well, for all the fans of the vampire romance – I have good news!

Romance is alive… or should I say undead also on mobile!


mobile games zombiesZombies… this is the topic of the ages – The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, Kore-wa Zombie desu-ka?, High School of the Dead, Zombie Loan and many, many more… You love the topic of this kind of undead existences? You adore the shows? Well, I think there are plenty of opportunities for the fans even when it comes to mobile games. For both iOS and Android, for the Windows phone and even some less-popular systems, the titles are many!

There is one story for mobile which stands out with a wonderful setting, great experience and a tale worth telling!



I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will comment with your opinion and requests for the next suggestion-type post I can do for you!

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