Bakemono no Ko Anime Movie in the Making

The Boy and The Beast Japanese movie website Cinema Today announced Bakemono no Ko – a new project by Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki, Toki wo Kakero Shoujo and Summer Wars director and original creator Mamoru Hosoda. With his proven track record of successful films, the expectations are sure high!

The movie’s official English title is The Boy and the Beast.

This movie will be an original project by the Japanese creator. The movies is already in the making and is set or a 2015 release.

Here is how Hosoda-sensei tells the story of Bakemono no Ko himself:

A young boy wanders around the Tokyo neighbourhood of Shibuya. Going farther and farther away, he enters the mysterious village of Shibutengai. The boy has reached an alternate world. There, the boy meets many of the locals – humanoid animals. One of them is Kumatetsu, a skilled swordsman with a bad attitude who takes the boy (whom he calls Kyuta) under his wing and trains him to be a warrior like himself.

Source: Cinema Today

Do you think Hosoda-sensei will be the next big director?

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