Limited Edition Sony PlayStation 4 Revealed (Video)

limited edition Sony PlayStation 4A limited edition Sony PlayStation 4 was revealed today. The Japanese game and electronics company will release it soon and we are expecting more details within a couple of weeks. For now, just enjoy the video with the limited edition silver Sony PlayStation 4 console and congratulate it for its 20th anniversary!

The console sports the original grey colours of the PlayStation console from when it first shipped back on 3rd December, 1994.

But what does “Limited Edition” mean in this case? It means just 12,300 unites! And that is a worldwide coverage. Each of them will cost c.a. 499 euro. None of the consoles will be sold via the standard retail methods, though. Keep your eyes on the topic, because you might miss your chance!

Source: Sony PlayStation

Are you up to spend some on the limited edition Sony PlayStation 4?

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