Hitsugi Hime no Chaika Is Ending

hitsugi hime no chaikaKadokawa Shoten’s Shounen Ace magazine has just announced that Shinta Sakayama’s Hitsugi Hime no Chaika (Chaika the Coffin Princess) is ending in the next issue. This means that in the February issue, coming out in December, we will read the last part of the lovely story’s manga version, which was just recently turned into an anime TV series.

 Hitsugi Hime no Chaika began its serialisation in the same magazine in 2011. It is actually an adaptation in itself. The very original story comes from Ichiro Sasaki and is entitled Hitsugi no Chaika. The light novels, and respectively the manga, follow 20y.o. war veteran Toru Acura and his strange encounter with Chaika Trabant who always carried a coffin on her back.

The only employed member of the group is in fact Toru’s sister Akari, who no has to also take care of the lovely loli Chaika.

Source: Kadokawa Shoten

How many manga adaptations of light novels have you enjoyed?

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