Steins;Gate: Future Gadget Lab and IBM (Video)

future gadget lab Steins;Gate’s future gadget lab might be changing a lot… But to find you what I’m talking about, you have to watch episode 4 of Steins;Gate Soumei Eichi no Cognitive Computing. Episode 3 is also below to make it company.

After sharing with you the first two videos of the project, I kept an eye out for the third and fourth as well. Hence, I am bringing you the 3rd and 4th (final) episodes of the project. Discover how IBM’s new services might help you shop clothes and accessories as well as help you choose the best real estate property on the market.

All videos are the English-subtitle versions, officially released by the company.

Episode 3 “Fashion” focuses on shopping and just how much better would some scientists look with cool clothes…

Episode 4 is entitled “Meeting” (Kaigi) and helps us understand how helpful would the new IBM Cognitive Computing project when it comes to making decisions.

Source: IBM‘s site for the Future Gadget Lab members
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