Comic it Josei Magazine Announced

COMIC it コミック イット Kadokawa Shoten has just announced its new josei manga magazine – Comic it. It’s a monthly publication with manga series aimed at the women in their 20s and 30s. Romance, but also other genres will be covered.

The good news for the fans of some titles which got put on hiatus after falling off Kadokawa’s Monthly Sylph magazine – several of them are returning in Comic it.

The titles are: Utako Yukihiro’s Shounen Oujo, Yoko Fujiya’s Hiso Hiso -silent voice- and Eri Sakondo’s Hakase ga-!!

These are the first and only titles that the magazine has revealed by now.

Everything in the physical magazine will also be available online and for mobile devices (iOS version is TBA).

Source: Kadokawa’s Comic it
Seems like women will also have a special edition to look up to each month!

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