The Last Naruto the Movie Trailer Released

The Last Naruto the MovieThe first official trailer for the upcoming new and final Naruto Movie – The Last Naruto the Movie – has been released officially by Yahoo! Movies. Watch the trailer below and feel the romance!

As always, Yahoo! Movies has no intent to let us embed the videos they upload sop they can keep the exclusiveness of the stream. Well, watch it here.

The song we hear behind all this is Hoshi no Utsuwa (Vessel of a Star) by Sukima Switch. It is credited as the theme song for the upcoming movie (to be in Japanese theatres on 6th December).

Tagline? Naruto – Like you’ve never seen it before!

Watch as the team battles against the Moon and tries to save the planet from the crumbling Moon and the meteorites. On the other hand, a Hyuuga family member is abducted and someone needs to save the poor Hanabi from the mysterious kidnapper.

We also know that an heir to the Six Path Sage will appear in the movie.

Source: The Last Naruto the Movie on Yahoo!Movies

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