MCM London Comic Con 2014 Is Over

Eurocosplay 2013This year’s MCM London Comic Con is over and what a show it was! Today we saw even more people line-up for an autograph from anime director Shinichiro Watanabe… The lines seemed endless both days. The same goes for the stall where cosplay superstar Jessica Nigri met with fans and fellow cosplayers.

Eurocosplay will be remembered for the winners, the show and the lack of emotion from many of the cosplayers. Contrary to popular belief, the artistic abilities of the cosplay mafia showed on the second day of the event during the so-called Masquerade.

For more info on the MCM London Comic Con Eurocosplay event – read the previous article.

I really want to congratulate the cosplayers from Sunday for their awesome work. Millions of ballooons, lots of blood, a murderous Frozen song and a couple of Alices no human would like to meet (or promise to keep a secret for).

Keep up the great work, everyone and I hope I will be able to come and see you in my Earthly form next time, not only judge by watching through a friend’s eyes.

Industry news – almost none to be honest. The bigger names in the business decided to announce their news online (Baccano!!, Short Piece and Gankutsuou for UK by Anime Limited)  rather than on the platform. Their 10 year anniversary panel was not much informative either.

One thing I might have learnt, though, is that a Dark Souls III game might already be in the marking (don’t hate me if I’m wrong – it’s just how I read the minds around me).

Have  a healthy day and have fun!

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  1. There were a lot of really important and notable people from the game industry. Strangely enough, anime and manga-wise, there was pretty much Watanabe-san, so I completely understand the humongous lines.

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