Project Itoh’s Genocidal Organ Becomes an Anime Movie (Video)

genocidal organProject Itoh is a very famous late Japanese writer and creator of renowned science-fiction stories. His title Genocidal Organ (Gyakusatsu kikan) will be the next Noitamina project – an anime movie. This is a classic sci-fi story with a war, a lot of action and a bit of pretty ladies. See below for details and three awesome video reviews!

These three videos are the only ones available for the moment, but they sure can hook many!

The first one is from March this year and it is a short announcement PV. Harmony. 2015 anime movie.

The second video was released this July. It is the redjuice version PV.

This is the latest video, released just a day ago –

Project Itoh, a.k.a. Satoshi Itoh, was a Japanese writer who, although his untimely death, managed to put a huge impact on modern Japanese science fiction. He was born in 1974 and died in 2009 (35y.o.) and this is a main motif into the promotion of the upcoming movie.

Source: Genocidal Organ’s Noitamina videos on YouTube

I would love to know which science-fiction movie you like the most! My personal favourite is Akira

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  1. He was supposed to write the MGS novels, so I have read it. Good work focusing on politics with a lot of raw action and Sci-Fi. Hope it is not too censored.

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