K Anime Sequel Greenlit for 2015

k anime sequelThe K -In This Place Again- event has burst the excitement bubble and spread warmth all over the fans. Well, here we go – K anime sequel – yet another continuation of the story – in 2015! Let me remind you that it was I who told you something cool will come today!

Here’s Animate TV’s official Twitter post:

Detailed information on the upcoming project is expected soon. Music duo angela have also confirmed they will stay with the project, so I guess we know the theme song performer at least.

UPDATE: Anime details released

Source: Twitter
Do you think a new anime or a movie is in the making?

9 thoughts on “K Anime Sequel Greenlit for 2015

  1. I would be glad to see season two. The show gave a good alternative on animation style and musical background, while getting some serious bashing… hope there are enough fans to make season two happen.

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