The Last -Naruto the Movie-‘s Ino, Kiba, Shino Revealed

the last -naruto the movie-
Previously revealed art

Check out the great art that is happening for The Last -Naruto the Movie-! Ino, Kiba and Shino are all there below for you to see. Surely, Kishimoto-sensei is giving his entire attention to this project… especially after he’s probably drawn the manga already.

Check out these cool new character designs of Ino Yamanaka, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame.

The young lass is already a woman. Authors describe the new design as having a multiplied appeal and even greater looks. Now, Ino wears her hair loose.
Dog-whisperer Kiba is described as the one who has changed the most. He now sports a goatee and is even wilder than he used to be as a kid.
Shino‘s collar is no longer high enough to cover his sharp features. His face’s expression depicts determination and something else…
All grown-up, the Naruto characters are to put a well-deserved closure to the story in The Last -Naruto the Movie-, coming to Japanese theatres on 6th December.

the last -naruto the movie-

On a side note, when Naruto ended… We got Naruto Shippuden. Does any of you think that these all grown-up characters might be the beginning of something seinen in the Naruto universe?

Source: Shounen Jump

This movie seems like a huge project. Do you watch all the Naruto movies and how do you think this one will do compared to them?

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      1. Yeah…and even before, when Naruto was only a mediocre brat, drawing with spray all over the town and annoying everyone :D And Sasuke was a genius.

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