New (デュラララ!!) Durarara!! Manga Starts on 18th November

デュラララ!!Square Enix’s GFantasy magazine will be publishing a new Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) manga based on Ryohgo Narita’s original light novels. The manga will be published on 18th November’s issue.Aogiri will do the illustrations.

Based on the released plot, the main story will revolve around Izaya Orihara and his cruel plans about that board game called “Ikebukuro”. We watch as his new pawns start working around the board. The foreign assassins and the notorious Awakusu family will bring destruction. The Dollars will only have a chance if something goes unexpectedly well and twists reality.

Don’t forget that the new Durarara!!x2 (デュラララ!!x2) anime series will begin in January!

Source: GFantasy magazine

Are you up for some more Izaya action?

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