Meet the Cast During K -In This Place Again-

K -In This Place Again- K -In This Place Again- is the upcoming event, organised by GoraxGoHands for their K anime project. See below for details about the event which will happen on 18th October.

We are still waiting to hear the news the tam will announce, but there is hardy anyone who enjoyed the series and the movie who wouldn’t hope for another new anime project.

Guests during the K -In This Place Again- event will be: Daisuke Namikawa (Yashiro Isana), Tsuda Kenjiro (Mikoto Suoh), Fukuyama Jun (Misaki Yata), Sakurai Takahiro (new! – Izumo Kusanagi), Morita Masakazu (K:Missing Kings’ Yukari Mishakuji), Nazuka Kaori (K:Missing Kings’ Douhan Hirasaka), Okitsu Kazuyuki (K:Missing Kings’ Nagare Hisui), theme song performing duo angela …


Source: Twitter

Do you know anyone who will be going? I have some urgent Shinigami chores to do at the same time…

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