ROOT∞REXX Honey Melody Manga by Karneval’s Mikanagi Began

ROOT∞REXX Honey Melody mangaA new project by Touya Mikanagi began. The ROOT∞REXX Honey Melody manga adapts the original otome game by Idea Factory. The plot is a reverse-harem one, just as all otome games are. See the story which sets it apart below!

This is a story of a rock band which, after just one humongous hit-single, announced an indefinite hiatus. With their extreme success and sudden disappearance from the limelight, they become a legend to be told all over the country.

Long time after their hiatus, a whole year, a student named Kazune Mochizuki finds by chance an unreleased demo recording of the same band (REXX) and starts listening to the songs all the time. She is a true fan, even though the band is nowhere to be seen.

Otomate, Bandai Visual, Zero-Sum and Lantis are all collaborating alongside Kadokawa’s Dengeki Girl’s Style mag for the otome game, developed by Idea Factory. ROOT∞REXX Honey Melody manga will be published on a weekly basis, for now.

Source: Ichijinsha’s ROOT∞REXX Honey Melody manga page

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