Arata Kangatari Manga to Return Next Year

arata kangatari anime reviewArata Kangatari, which was supposed to come back this autumn, will instead be returning in 2015. This became official via the mangaka’s Twitter account just earlier today. The fantasy story will continue from the place it left several months ago.

Yuu Watase, the mangaka, announced the return of the manga in Shogakukan’s weekly Shounen Sunday mag:


Watase-chan is currently working on the deluxe editions of the Arata Kangatari manga as well as on volume four’s upcoming release (expect it this month!).

She was planning to resume the series now, but it became known that the plans were not to be realised. Nonetheless, we shall be reading more by the artsy girl in 2015.

Moreover, she is supposed to start her new manga Byakko Kaiden.

Arata Kangatari also received an anime, which I followed closely. It had its ups and downs, but surely made several fan girls nyan in appreciation of the well-drawn bishounen. A number of not-well-thought plot twists created a barely enjoyable anime.

Source: Yuu Watase

Are you reading the manga?

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