Hatsune Miku at Letterman (Video)

hatsune mikuAs I previously told you, this past Wednesday Hatsune Miku and her pals performed live at the Late Show with David Letterman. The song and actually the full performance are available below. Watch and don’t forget to comment!

This is one of the many international appearances of the 3D pop-diva. She paused opening for Lady Gaga to visit Letterman. Another one of her tasks was to become a model, which will happen for renowned fashion label Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs. As her dress in the “The End” music video was designed by them, it’s not wonder they asked her to model the dress from that same vid for their displays.


Do you think Miss Miku’s extreme appearances in such Western projects is a problem? (many are preoccupied because of this “mainstreaming” of the Japanese culture.

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