Naruto Manga Ends on 10th November

naruto manga endThe official Shueisha Weekly Shounen Jump website announced that Masashi Kishimoto’s legendary shounen manga Naruto will end in the 50th issue of the magazine for 2014, coming out on 10th November.

Ever since 2012, Kishimoto-sensei has been preparing us for the end of his great story and it is finally here.

Everyone, the end of an era is near.

Naruto began in 1999, 15 years ago when most of its most faithful readers were in their early teens. This will not only be an end of an era for the manga world, but also for each of them for sure.

The 71st volume will come out on 7th November in Japan.

The story of Uzumaki Naruto travelled the world and turned many into anime fans and hardcore otaku. It created a world where shinobi lived freely and were no longer faceless ghosts without a personality. What Naruto did for the entire ninja community will be there forever.

Source: Weekly Shounen Jump

Once it’s done, what do you think will happen to the shounen world?

8 thoughts on “Naruto Manga Ends on 10th November

  1. No more sign wielding… The shounen world is only handling losses lately, as no one is creating a manga with everlasting ideas as friendship, the sttuggles of growing up, the power of ideals and the faith in good… As sad as it is, Naruto is somewhat the last dinosaur.

    Still, I would ask Shinigami-sama to recommend some manga we can read to compensate… I guess there are titles we are missing.

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