Another Silly Manga About Lelouch on the Way

lelouch (c)KodanshaYoung Magazine The 3rd’s 6th November issue will include chapter one of a new Code Geass manga about Lelouch who is forced to be a vocalist and a guitar player in a band for a bunkasai held in his school.

Will the spoilt Lelouch succeed or will this whole fiasco turn into a huge failure, we will understand from the new manga by Tamajirou Hoshi. Its title is Code Black: Soku Hiki no Lelouch.

Worry not, we have been promised a darker back story.

Meanwhile, the Code Geass: Oz the Reflection O2 has began. It is a sequel to the Oz the Reflection which ended several weeks ago.

Source: Young Magazine 3rd

The spinoff stories of Code Geass become so many I can’t help but wonder when will we have a new work by CLAMP? What would you say?

6 thoughts on “Another Silly Manga About Lelouch on the Way

    1. Yep, pretty much. Plus, the real Code Geass had a lot of silly school events that Lelouch actually was pretty willing to be part of, so I see no problem.

  1. Wow…I understand and fully share your frustration, Shinigami-sama… This character exploitation (more like violation even) has gone too far.

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