Kazuko Tadano and Hiromi Matsushita to Be at Pacific Media Expo

Kazuko Tadano and Hiromi Matsushita at PMXThis year’s Pacific Media Expo in Los Angeles, CA will host a couple of the most cherished anime people – Sailor Moon designer Kazuko Tadano and Vampire Hunter D’s animation director Hiromi Matsushita. The event will happen between 7th-9th November this year.

TEOI animation’s extremely famous Sailor Moon used Miss Kazuko Tadano‘s exceptional abilities for the creation of the original character designs. She has also done the character designs for Nobunagun and Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach among other titles. She is also a known animation director (Saint Seiya, Mashin Eyuden Wataru).

Hiromi Matsushita, on the other hand, is mostly known for his work on Vampire Hunter D. Other works ofhis include key animation for Crayon Shin-chan, character design for Nobunagun, animation direction of Mobile Suit Gundam SD and many more.

Two other important guests from Japan will attend the event – Innocent World fashion designer Yumi Fujihara* and popular band heidi. Heidi performed theme songs for Kaichou wa Maid-sama!.

Source: LA PMX

Who is going?

* please note, I have preserved the name spelling as it is written in the official website of the store and not from PMX.

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