New Plastic Memories Anime Announced

plastic memories animeThe newly announced Plastic Memories anime TV series will be a collaboration between MAGES, Okiura (Infinite Stratos original character designer) and Steins; Gate’s writer Naotaka Hayashi. Anime key visual and production staff members will be published on 30th October.

Hayashi-san will be writing the screenplay. MAGES. who worked as a collaborator in the game scripts for Steins;Gate, Robotics; Notes and Chaos:Head will also be helping in this project. Character designs are by Okiura. This is an Aniplex original anime.

The story: An android girl meets her true love and someone falls for her. How will this turn of events develop and what will this seemingly impossible relationship bring to the two? We will see once the Plastic Memories anime TV series actually begin on TV channels across Japan.

I expect this show to be a part of in the 2015 anime spring season.

Source: Official Website

Do you think this might be the new it?

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