Saior Moon’s Toru Furuya to Voice One Piece’s Sabo! (SPOILERS)

One piece Sabo by Sa-Dui
Image via Sa-Dui

It is official! One Piece‘s Sabo’s seiyuu will be Toru Furuya, the man who voiced Sailor Moon’s Tuxedo Mask. “The audition tape for the voice actor for Sabo was amazing! Please watch on 9/28. The voice actor for Sabo will be…” teased mangaka Eiichiro Oda just yesterday via Facebook.

The long-lost brother of Ace and Luffy, the first one to be thought dead, is returning and this will surely bring a new emotion to the show. As hinted in episode 662, the character is returning and his adult version will be voiced by none other than Toru Furuya.

The actor is popular for his roles in Casshern Sins (as Casshern), Dragon Ball (as Yamucha), Mobile Suit Gundam (as Amuro Ray) and Sailor Moon (as Tuxedo Kamen) among others.

Stay tuned to One Piece, because Luffy’s emotions migth just erupt in your heart as well as soon as the upcoming episode!

Source: Official One Piece Website (additional info is available via this link, but only in Japanese)

What do you think obstructed Sabo from coming into the story sooner? (ignore the manga, if you have read it!)

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