Loveless Manga is Coming Back with Volumes of New Content

loveless mangaYun Kouga’s popular shounen-ai Loveless manga will be back with 2-3 new volumes’ worth of content, says the mangaka in an interview published in the just-released Loveless Fan Book. Find out what more she said in the interview below!

In the same interview, the author tells us that Loveless was born to be just 5 volumes and that she had no intention of going on as far as she currently is (12 volumes and counting).

This said, the manga has already developed so much of the story, that bringing it to a true end will need 2-3 additional volumes.

The publishing of the final part of the story, marking Loveless’ end-of-hiatus, will begin in autumn.

Source: Loveless Fan Book ( link)

Do you think she should have ended it when she has initially planned to?

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