Fly Like Ghibli’s Nausicaa on Kazuhiko Hachiya’s M-02J Möwe

kazuhiko hachiyaIn the latest video, posted a day ago, we witness the S-shaped test flight of Kazuhiko Hachiya’s M-02J flying machine. It is inspired by Studio Ghibli’s Nausicaa movie where the Möwe (Mehve) allows the lead character and her compatriots to travel to long distances in a short period of time, fight in the air and save others as the winds.

The glider is powered by a jet engine and is already in the second stage of tests, almost a decade after its birth. This video was shot during the flight in Hokkaido.

The materials used for the glider are reenforced plastic for the flat parts as well as wood and aluminum alloy for the frame.
The creator wishes that this glider will one day be used for keeping the peace and not for war.
Find out more about the project from the creator’s website (Japanese)

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