English Dub Previewed in Latest Kaguya-Hime no Monogatari Trailer (Video)

kaguya-hime no monogatariKaguya-hime no Monogatari‘s (The Tale of Princess Kaguya) latest English-language trailer has been released. Unlike the previous one, we can actually hear a lot of voice acting in this one. Check out what I’m talking about below.

Princess Kaguya, as will the English speakers know her, is a Studio Ghibli project by director (and studio founder) Isao Takahata. It is an adaptation of the famous Japanese classic folk tale of a small girl who is found by a bamboo cutter and taken care of until her special gifts become known and she has to fight for her own place in the world. This is The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter also known as its Japanese title Taketori Monogatari. It was created in the X century and has still lived on into our 21st century.

Chloë Grace Moretz will play Princess Kaguya joined by James Caan, Oliver Platt, Mary Steenburgen, Lucy Liu, Beau Bridges, Darren Criss, James Marsden and Dean Cain.

Fans will be able to watch the movie in North American theatres starting 17th October 2014.

Here’s a full release list:
Japan 23 November 2013
Hong Kong 30 January 2014
France 21 May 2014 (Cannes Film Festival)
South Korea 4 June 2014
France 9 June 2014 (Annecy Film Festival)
Australia 14 June 2014 (Sydney Film Festival)
Switzerland 25 June 2014 (French speaking region)
France 25 June 2014
Belgium 13 August 2014
Netherlands 4 September 2014
Canada 5 September 2014 (Toronto International Film Festival)
Canada 27 September 2014 (Vancouver International Film Festival)
Norway 28 September 2014 (Bergen International Film Festival)
USA 5 October 2014 (Mill Valley Film Festival)
Israel 14 October 2014 (Haifa Film Festival)
USA 17 October 2014 (limited)
Finland 24 October 2014
Switzerland 20 November 2014 (German speaking region)
Germany 20 November 2014
Austria 22 November 2014
Norway 28 November 2014
Thailand 4 December 2014

Source: JoBlo

Do you think they’ve done a good job with the voice acting on this one? I definitely see a difference.

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