orenchi no furo jijouOrenchi no Furo Jijou, also known as Orefuro, is a comedy anime series based on Itokichi’s original manga. As the story is still ongoing (since 2011), the show will adapt only a part of it, but everything looks almost too promising for the otaku who enjoy good-looking guys, funny moments and…mermen.

Orefuro begins on 6th October 2014!

The story revolves around Tatsumi, a normal high school student who one day accepts an odd guest to his house. His new roommate is actually a pretty merman named Wakasa. Starting from the moment Wakasa enters Tatsumi’s life and starts living in his bathtub, the high school student’s entire world changes and becomes a chaotically entertaining mix of supernatural beings and beauty.


orenchi no furou jijou characters
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Tatsumi seiyuu Nobunaga Shimazaki (Free!’s Haruka Nanase)

High school student and the host of the house. He loves doing housework such as cooking and enjoys carefree living alone at home, although it won’t be for long.

Wakasa seiyuu Yuichiro Umehara

He was picked up by Tatsumi and brought to the house. He is a handsome merman and loves having seemingly useless conversations.

Kasumi seiyuu Ibuki Kido (OniAi’s Akiko Himenokouji)

She is Tatsumi’s younger sister and dislikes Wakasa.

Mikuni seiyuu Natsuki Hanae (Tokyo Ghoul’s Ken Kaneki)

She is a beautiful jellyfish existence that appears from time to time at Tatsumi’s home. Her body is 99% water.

Maki seiyuu Kenjirou Tsuda (K anime’s Mikoto Suoh)

He is a male humanoid conch. He has a quiet personality, although he has his extreme negative opinions. He suffers from near-sightedness.

Takasu seiyuu Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Free!’s Makoto Tachibana)

Is an octopus that comes by Tatsumi’s occasionally. He seems to be on bad terms with Wakasa. His special skill is massages.

Ahiru-chan seiyuu Kawahara Yoshihisa (Prince of Tennis’ Kippei Tachibana)

This is a typical rubber duck that almost all households in Japan own. It is the show’s narrator.


Director: Sayo Aoi (key animation for Inuyasha The Movie 4)

Screenplay: Yuniko Ayana (Bakuman., Hori-san to


Original creator: Itokichi

Character Design: Koji Haneda (Sengoku Paradise Kiwami)


orenchi no furou jijou info

Animation Production: Asahi Production

OP: Fatal by Matenrou Opera


Images&Video ©2014いときち/株式会社KADOKAWA メディアファクトリー刊/オレフロ製作委員会

Orenchi no Furo Jijou Official Website

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