Tokyo Ghoul Season Two to Begin in January a tiny delay, I will also share the awesome news that Tokyo Ghoul season two has been announced! It will begin in January 2015. The story will continue adapting the Sui Ishida’s original horror manga from where the first season ended.

Let me remind you about the team which worked on the first season, and which will probably also create Tokyo Ghoul season two…

Shuhei Morita directed the series, which ended just yesterday. He’s a renowned Japanese director with an Oscar nomination for his work on the short movie Tsukumo (Possessions). His other previous titles include Freedom and Kakurenbo. Directing happened in collaboration with Studio Pierrot. Gosick‘s Kazuhiro Miwa created the character designs and Chuuji Mikasano was in charge of the scripts.

Source: Official XioZhan

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