Kiseijuu anime previewKiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (寄生獣 セイの格率) a.k.a Parasyte: Probability of Survival is a long-expected horror anime airing 8th October 2014. The series are based on the popular nineties’ manga Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki. Telling the story of a Tokyo teen who manages to save his brain from an alien parasite invasion, the show promises a trip we will never forget…

On an ordinary night in Tokyo, alien parasites descend on Earth and complete a mass take-over. They need to control human bodies in order to survive and can only do so by penetrating the brain.

Still, there is hope, as 17 year-old Shinichi has fallen asleep with his earplugs, preventing the parasite’s entrance to his head. Struggling, the alien organism takes over the boy’s right hand and their painful struggle for co-existence begins.

Gradually, the parasite adopts the name Migi (Japanese for “right”) and commences aiding the boy in his quest against the brain-thirsty invaders. Of course, a parasite always remains a parasite and Shinichi must fight hard to keep his identity.


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Shinichi Izumi is an ordinary student and a perfectly normal 17 year-old boy until one night he gets connected to an alien parasite. Realising what is happening to humanity, Shinichi becomes determined to win his internal struggle with the invader and save humankind. Balancing between his school life, physical and psychological pain, he is trying to win the fight for dominance over his own nature and to keep his secret. Only this way, he may find a way to acquire all needed knowledge to win this uneven war. Shinichi has another resolve – not to disclose his love for classmate Satomi, being unsure he could keep her safe from the parasite inside of him.

Migi is a failure for most parasites, as she never managed to take over her host Shinichi. She does not crave murder but would feed with normal, human food. As the standard for parasites dictates, Migi puts her safety first and would do whatever possible to protect Shinichi from harm, even help him trace and kill her own kind. She has no feelings or emotions, hence would not dedicate to any cause but saving her own life, regardless of the cost. Migi would kill with no delay any human, who threatens to uncover Shinichi’s secret.

Satomi Murano is an old friend of Shinichi, who has gradually grown to love him. Unaware of his secret, she is upset by Shinichi’s mysterious behaviour and afraid of his constant personality changes and mood swings.

Ryoko Tamiya (Reiko Tamura) is a teacher in Shinichi and Kana’s school. Once a simple 24 year-old, she is now a powerful and curious parasite, whose hunger for knowledge is greater than her thirst for blood. Following her own agenda, Ryoko (or Reiko how the parasite prefers to be called) does not mind murdering her own kind, while leaving “untypical human” Shinichi be, as long as this suits her own purpose.

Kana Kimishima is the perfect bad girl, who would defy all rules. She falls for Shinichi, because she believes him to be special. Kana is in fact in possession of a unique ability, allowing her to recognise the parasites. However, her skill is not as polished as this of the alien organisms and she often puts herself in grave danger, mistaking an ordinary parasite for Shinichi.

Akiho Suzuki is a friend and classmate of Satomi and Shinichi.

Yuko Tachikawa is another classmate of Shinichi and Satomi, with whom they go to Art classes.

Uragami is a wanted and dangerous murderer, who is in fact a blood-thirsty parasite-possessed human.


Nobunaga Shimazaki as Shinichi Izumi

Aya Hirano as Migi

Kana Hanazawa as Satomi Murano

Miyuki Sawashiro as Kana Kimishima

Rena Maeda as Akiho Suzuki

Kiyono Yasuno as Yuko Tachikawa

Atsuko Tanaka as Ryoko Tamiya (Reiko Tamura)

Hiroyuki Yoshino as Uragami


Original Creator: Hitoshi Iwaaki

Director: Kenichi Shimizu

Character Design: Tadashi Hiramatsu

Chief Animation Director: Toshiyuki Komaru

Series Composition: Shoji Yonemura

Music Composer: Ken Arai

Animation production: Madhouse

Production: NTV, VAP, Inc., Forecast Communications


OP: Let Me Hear by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Images: © 岩明均/講談社・VAP・NTV・4cast

Video: © 「MAiDiGiTV」

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