Steam to Release Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy for PC

Final Fantasy XIII trilogyThe Final Fantasy XIII trilogy will be released for PC, was announced yesterday and confirmed by Square Enix. The project has been taken in by Steam, but will also be available by other sources. The game will be out by early 2015 with the first game coming to players as early as this year – 9th October, yes – a bit over two weeks from now!

Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available for PC before the summer of 2015. The first game is already available for pre-order at Steam. The whole first game costs £10.99/€12.99/$16 and you get further 10% off if you pre-order.
The first release has Japanese and English audio with subtitles and text also in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Korean and Traditional Chinese.
The other two games of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy will come out soon after.

Source: Silicon Era

How much do you think they will adapt the game for PC?

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