PSYCHO-PASS Second Season’s Full Trailer Reveals Tsunemori (Video)

psycho-pass second seasonIt’s the PSYCHO-PASS second season. Akane Tsunemori, the former rookie, is now a senior officer and she one to guide the newbies into the midst of all the crazy events around the town where nothing sleeps, but humanity. Her mind is engulfed by the rightfulness; her soul is taken by certainty. Watch her video below and don’t forget to watch the 11-episode series starting from 9th October!

If you don’t recall or haven’t seen the first season, feel free to check it our and read the previous preview I made in 2012.

And once again, let me remind you that PSYCHO-PASS second season starts on 9th October in Japan.

Source: Noitamina YouTube, PSYCHO-PASS Official website

While the first show was a total success, do you believe this small second season will bring something new to the table?

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