Hayao Miyazaki on World War Two and the Japanese Government

hayao miyazaki Former Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki has given an interview about his childhood memories, his adult position and his emotional state in relation to the Second World War. Read the translation of this interview taken and published in Ghibli’s Neppu magazine in its July issue last year (2013). The translation is by by The Asia-Pacific Journal.

Please note that this interview is related to real history. It will help you understand Miyazaki-sensei’s views and what his impressions were of a topic he often used as a motif for his movies.

Kaze Tachinu, Grave of The Fireflies, Whisper of the Heart,From Up on Poppy Hill – all movies whose plots are influenced by this war and the aftermath of its effects.

I created a daycare nursery at work. This turned out to be wonderful. It was great for me. When I see the little ones walking around, I feel a need to ground myself. When I think about how they grow up, though sometimes I get dismayed, we cannot just say they should not have been born. We should, and actually can, celebrate new lives. So we can’t say anything but “we’ll get by somehow”…

Well, this quote does not show the main topic of the article, but it sure shows what kind of a person created

the incredible movies we know; movies which will give a reason to think to generations to come.

Read the full translation of the interview.

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