Kaitou Joker Anime Preview – Mendokusai! (Video)

kaitou jokerMendokusai definitely seems to be the word of the day for the Mysterious Joker from the Kaitou Joker anime adaptation of Hideyasu Takashi’s original manga. Check out the 30-second-long video below and enjoy the annoying (one of the meanings of “mendokusai”) characters!

“Kaitou Miracle Shonen Boy” by Aruka Rider can be heard in this video. It’s the show’s official theme song.

The show tells us of the miraculous thefts performed by the Mysterious Joker (Kaitou Joker) who can steal anything, no matter how hard it is. This comedy will surely be a lovely pass-time entertinament for all who enjoy the genre. Also, don’t think logic will preail, because Kaitou Joker is… just too much of a magician for it!

Source: Official Tokyo MX Kaitou Joker website

The show is starting on 6th October, will you be watching it?

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