Mind Zero Dungeon Crawler Is Greenlit via Steam Games!

Mind ZeroAksys Games’ Mind Zero (MIND≒0) project has been greenlit via Steam Greenlight. The title was being voted on for less than a week (since Friday) and, thankfully for all dungeoning fans, it was a success! Players will now be able to reach the story on PC.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Mind Zero title – here’s what it’s all about:

Originally developed for the PlayStation Vita portable gaming console, this RPG was created by ZeroDiv (Acquire, Class of Heroes) and published by GungHo Online Entertainment in Japan. Aksys is the European and North American publisher. It’s RL story is set in Akihabara, Anamiya, Nippori and Yokohama, but it aso has a spiritual world which the characters explore and where they encounter various challenges.

Source: Twitter

Are you going to run through the worlds of Mind Zero when it comes out for the PC?

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