Giovanni’s Island Movie Coming to UK Theatres

giovanni's islandAnime Limited has finally announced that the movie Giovanni’s Island (Giovanni no Shima) will be playing in cinemas across the United Kingdom. This will happen this month and some viewers will also be able to see director Mizuho Nishikubo live at the screenings! See below for more info.

Now, let me tell you something…

Anime Limited They’ll be the only ones the director attends for sure – we’d like some more London dates but can’t confirm at this stage really (looking into it).

That was the answer to a question on Facebook, which regarded the shown London screenings. You make your conclusions.

The story of Giovanni’s Island focuses on the world right at the end of World War II and after 1945’s events. We witness it all through the lives of several young children who live on the island of Shikotan which suddenly became Russian territory and a part of the Sakhalin Oblast. All this we watch through the eyes of all the children on the island. We watch how race, nationality and any other bias is nonexistent in their eyes and minds.

The show was branded as a good heir to Ghibli’s  Grave of the Fireflies… Now the UK can see for themselves if it is that good. It came out in Japan on 22nd February 2014 and lasts for 1 hr 42 min.

The director Mizuho Nishikubo worked at Production I.G. for this project. He has already done several small projects which are characterised with a unique style and story.

Source: Anime Limited

Are you excited? It’s coming to the UK! Who’s going to watch it?

4 thoughts on “Giovanni’s Island Movie Coming to UK Theatres

  1. Nothing like Grave of the Fireflies actually… This is happy-go-lucky and shallow expressed with mediocre animation. Kids are pure and innocent and we should learn from them – very deep indeed.

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