Pagot’s Calimero Chick Returns!

calimeroCalimero, for those of you who have never watched this show, is an adorable episodic animation which focuses on the character Calimero – the only black chick in a family filled with tiny yellow fluffballs (other chicks). The first series aired on the Italian show Carosello in 1963. Now, in 2014, TOEI is returning Calimero to the small screen with CG TV anime series.

As the original voice cast is always Japanese(for both the first series from 1963 and for the 1992 second series), the new one will not fail tradition…

Calimero will be voiced by Ayaka Asai while his girlfriend Priscilla will be voiced by Rumi Ookubo. Kokoro Kikuchi will play Giuliano (pictured left). Tooru Sakurai will play the last of the main characters – Peter.

Don’t know the characters? Don’t worry! Here’s a brief introduction:

Calimero, as said, is a lovely little black chick who dates the intelligent and charming Priscilla. Although Calimero can sometimes act a bit silly, he is a great friend and companion, as well as very fun to be around. Pater Jobatta is the “antagonist” in the story and Calimero’s opponent for Priscilla’s heart. He will not let her go without a fight, even if her heart is all about Calimero. Guiliano is a close friend of Calimero’s. This character, however, is not a part of the original series, but appears in Shin Calimero from 1992.

Source: Oricon

It will surely bring back memories, but do you think the CG animations would create memories for the children who watch them?

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