Hoozuki no Reitetsu: One Hell of an Anime Review

hoozuki no reitetsi hoozuki-sama
Hoozuki and his club look rather scary from time to time.

Okay, I will not guide you though the various details on Hoozuki no Reitestu, because it’s not worth it. I’ll just tell you what the opening theme song Jigoku no Sata mo Kimi Shidai (地獄の沙汰も君次第) by Jigoku no Sata All Stars is all about:

ここは地獄!地獄! 素敵な地獄!

ここは地獄! 地獄! 楽しい地獄!!

This says: “This is Hell, Hell! A wonderful Hell!”

“This is Hell. Hell! A fun Hell!!”

So, enter into the hell of wonders, loads of fun and a very stubborn daemon by the name of Hoozuki.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu came out to be just what I have expected when I wrote its anime preview. What’s more – the show was even better than what I expected. Art, jokes and the thin layer of sarcasm and self-irony were so well-paced and combined that I kind of felt bad for the show’s being only 13 episodes. Nonetheless, there were some pretty questionable decisions when it comes to character development and so on. Keep on reading my Hoozuki no Reitetsu review to find out what’s so puzzling about this.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu goldfish plant
The Goldfish plants. So lovely! No wonder Hoozuki has a garden of them and wins competitions.

This anime’s overall feeling is something that can barely be matched from another comedy. It doesn’t have the unnecessary ecchiness nor does it have fan service. This is the total no-no for many otaku, but for me it means one thing – uniqueness. I hope you won’t argue that it does bring added value to the show.

Hoozuki no Reitestu Enma Daiou
Sometimes it’s not clear the Hoozuki serves Enma Daiou and not the other way around!

Let me tell you what brings me so much joy in Hoozuki’s story… it’s Hell. There’s nothing better than a place where daemons, creatures of the night, undead and dead live together and have a happy and healthy relationship!

Now back to the point, what’s good about this anime is its idea (thank you, Eguchi-sensei for creating it!). Seeing Hoozuki – a cute daemon with typical Japanese yukata in black and red, an awkward horn sticking out of his front like a budding unicorn and his two tiny fangs showing just at the right moment, he’s a character that screams “You’ll like me”. You know what is the finishing touch? His manly attitude and the fact that he sticks out among the others with intellect, sternness and the ability to make others respect him. Even the great king Enma Daiou is afraid of him, which is visible on several occasions.

hoozuki no reitetsu hakutaku
Hakutaku is a charmer, but Hoozuki doesn’t fall for his cheap tricks when it comes to work.

Now that I’ve mentioned character relationships, I have to note that this show has some of the coolest and most funny ones there are! Just look at the eternal feud between the daemon Hoozuki and the promiscuous Hakutaku! On top of this, there are the incredible visits from other worlds and other Hells. Satan’s special episodes are favourites of mine, although the overall attitude might be considered discriminative in a way.

I’ve mentioned all that makes this show a nice experience, but I haven’t put a bright light upon what I see is wrong with it. Well, first of all, considering it’s a comedy show, I wouldn’t really be as rude as I would have been otherwise. Then, let me say that one thing I find rather disappointing is the absolute lack of character development. Hoozuki is the same during all 13 episodes, Enma Daiou as well. This feeling of missing something is also the fact that characters seem quite secondary during 1/3 of the show and then just… disappear. Several of the characters don’t really show-up for more than 2-3 episodes.

hoozuki no reitetsu satan
Satan is one of the guests from other Hells that visit Hoozuki and King Enma.

The second negative side of Hoozuki no Reitetsu is that its episodes are somewhat… episodic. This means that each episode has its own two stories. Although, this two-story format is something that may seem a bit bothersome as plots get about 10 minutes each, but in fact it’s not showing at all. The show is meant to be light-hearted fun and that’s exactly what it feels like.

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10 thoughts on “Hoozuki no Reitetsu: One Hell of an Anime Review

  1. I just think those characters were never planned to develop. I mean, Hell and Heaven are a constant, so, for me personally, their engines should be too. Plus, this cannot be judged as a typical anime. I think this is rather a selection of short stories from Hell…

    Thank you for reviewing. :)

    1. Welcome and yes, I am aware that is so, but I am a sucker for hell-verse topics, so I cannot just eave this so! And I am a bit sad many characters stopped appearing or appeared just once. Nonetheless, it was surprising how they managed to create mini-arcs within the episodes.

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