New Anime Announced: Triage X

Triage x animeThe original manga Triage X, by the original mangaka of High School of the Dead, will be animated. This was announced just yesterday with the simultaneous launch of the project website. The manga is already 5 years old and has a good number of chapters out, which is surely a basis for a good number of episodes.

The story of Triage X focuses on the staff members of Mochizuki General Hospital where the best nurses and doctor are based. While they are the ideal place for fighting diseases during the day, at night they team-up with local teens and the hospital chairmen to fight the sickness that threatens to eat humanity from the inside-out. They have formed a group of professional assassins and bring justice to the town, stopping that wickedness before it has spread.

Details around the upcoming adaptation will surely come, we just need to be patient and get our dose later.

Source: Man-Tan Web

Do you think is is “quality stuff”?

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