Watch the First 9 Minutes from Ghost in the Shell ARISE border:4 (Video)

ghost in the shell arise border:4Ghost in the Shell ARISE border:4 is the last instalment in the GITS’s ongoing movie series that began back in 2013 with the first movie coming out on 22nd June. The second came out on 30th November, the third on 28th June this year. Now, on 6th September, the saga will be complete and Motoko Kusanagi’s prequel story will be now a thing of the past.

Here are the first nine minutes from the upcoming new movie!

Ghost in the Shell ARISE border:4’s story of this last instalment focuses on the events during the post-war reconstructions. It is the winter of 2028 and while the wold is jut waking up from the dust, a savage shooting occurs, a new virus is also released by a terrorist who calls him-/herself ‘The Firestarter’. Motoko Kusanagi and her team are allocating all resources to solving the cyberbrain crime. Meanwhile, the names of two ghosts (“tin girl” Emma and “scarecrow man” Vrinda Jr) come out during the investigation and the gears are once more set in motion.

If you’re watching the movie in Japan, keep in mind that advance tickets will come with a clear with special art by Kazuchika Kise (the director). They will be given on an ‘while supplies last’ basis.

Source: Official Ghost in the Shell ARISE border:4 YouTube

It’s almost over now. Having seen (or not?) the movies… will you get the boxed set?

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  1. I still love Motoko, even after this “update” she had. Linked Horizon are among my favourite groups, so I am very happy they will return.

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