The Last: Naruto the Movie New Artwork Revealed

character designs naruto the lastTenten, Temari, Lee, Gaara, Chouji get remade for the upcoming The Last: Naruto the Movie. Check out the photo to the left and see how each new character has changed. New artworks are especially created by the original mangaka Masashi Kishimoto and shared via Shounen Jump.

Here’s what you must note in the new character designs:

Lee‘s facial features have changed and he’s now more man-like.

Just like with all other designs revealed by now, all of the new ones look grown-up.

Gaara‘s also a part of this grown-up team. His gourd is probably the biggest change we notice with its smaller size and the new location. The mangaka has also shared that he has added a new chain which eases Gaara when it comes to carrying the gourd.

Chouji‘s the last male character to be revealed in the new Shounen Jump. He’s gotten a bit rounder, with shorer hair and sports a tiny goatee type of beard.

Tenten, a favourite character of many, joins the team with her new and very feminine looks. Her hair is much longer and the eyes are more prominent. her scrolls are also smaller and now worn on the belt, similar to Gaara’s gourd.

A change in the eyes of Temari is also visible; they are now cooler, calmer and even more stern.

The Last: Naruto the Movie is hitting Japanese cinemas on 6th December. It is the first movie of the franchise to be made after 2012’s Road to Ninja. Usually, there was a Naruto movie each year, but things seem to have changed. Nonetheless, Naruto movies are always a box-office winners when they come out. This was proven by the last one, Road to Ninja, which hit record-breaking sale milestones.

Source: Weekly Shounen Jump

Are you up for those new character designs?

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