Here Comes Shizu-chan! New Visual for Durarara!!x2

Durarara!!x2 anime TV seriesDurarara!!x2 is the second TV anime series based on Ryohgo Narita’s original urban supernatural light novels. It will come out in January 2015 and the hype is being fed quite regularly by the production team. Now, the latest visual represents Ikebukuro’s star character and Izaya’s childhood friend Shizuo Heiwajima.

Shizuo Heiwajima
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In this image we see Shizu-chan with Akane Awakusu. Akane is the granddaughter of Dougen Awakusu, child of his son Mikiya Awakusu. After living the sweet life for a long time, Akane discovered that she is in fact a member of one of the most dangerous illegal syndicates in Japan…and that it was a family business. Escaping this newly found reality, she runs away from home only to end-up in Izaya Orihara’s circles.

What’s her connection with Shizu-chan? Well, according to a certain information broker, Shizuo was Ikebukuro’s deadliest assassins and was meant to do bad to even Akane’s lovely life.

While I do know how things go from reading the light novels, I still can’t wait to see how exactly it will be portrayed in the upcoming new series. Certainly, I hope to see a lot more of Celty – the lovely female shinigami with a human heart (as I see her). Nonetheless, the new characters will surely make things much more difficult for the main team, Shizu-chan and Izaya included.

Source: Durarara!!x2 Official website

Which other character do you expect to see in these special arts?

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