One Piece 3D2Y Anime Special’s New Trailers Are Here! (Video)

3D2Y anime specialThree new videos were released for the promotion of the upcoming new One Piece 3D2Y anime special episode . The 2-hour special will air on 30th August, just four days from now. Watch the All Stars, World and Luffy versions of the trailer below!

The new 3D2Y anime special episode will focus on the events surrounding the battle of the age – Marineford. This will be Ace and Luffy’s last meeting place, this will be where Whitebeard’s fate will once and for all put an end to an era.

World Version

All-Star Version

Luffy Version

Keep watch on the Japanese TV channels for the special episode and don’t forget that it is not the first one. Nami, Luffy, the Strawhats’ ship and more already got their stories retold and remastered.

Source: YouTube; Official Website

The game is on for all of you who are counting down the time. Who is going to watch this episode?

5 thoughts on “One Piece 3D2Y Anime Special’s New Trailers Are Here! (Video)

  1. What is the meaning of making arcs into “special” episodes? So unnecessary. If you want to review it, buy Blu-ray/DVD of the arc – simple as that. Buying/watching it as something new is outrageous, though.

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